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AQUACROSS - the ropes course for swimming pools.

Klarer News
An improvement of the high ropes course - no fall prevention needed, without any risk, just pure fun.

Erected and dismantled within seconds, it turns your swimming pool into adventure land.

Racing Slide Magic Twice

Klarer News
Another premiere by Klarer: Europe’s first double slide has been introduced in the Hains leisure centre in Freital. We can’t wait to see some exciting head-to-head racing on the new slide Magic Twice.

Cone Slide with Infinity Jump

Klarer News
One of the longest cone slides in Germany has been opened at 143 metres. With its Infinity Jump and elaborate technological effects, this adventure slide is the new family attraction at Hains in Freital.

Europe’s longest outdoor white water river

Klarer News
The latest attraction at Lalandia in Billund (Denmark) is a spectacular white water river from Klarer. The longest outdoor facility of this kind in Europe was built at a length of 168 metres. The wild ride starts in the Aquadome and then runs outdoors. Half way long, you can relax in an outdoor pool or be carried back into the Aquadome by the rapids.

World’s first in the Sauerland

Klarer News
The time has finally come! A small sensation is on display in AquaMagis in Plettenberg – the world’s first stand-up slide. A whole new sliding experience awaits bathing guests. Learn how to surf on the 30-meter long “SauerlandSURFER”. Pros will be able to prove their talents on the 100-meter “CrazySURFER” starting in mid-July. The evolution of sliding, now on the new „Freestyle“ from Klarer.

Ready for Germany’s most poisonous snake?

Klarer News
The new Green Viper at Europabad in Karlsruhe has been opened. The themed high-tech slide awaits fearless guests with many special effects. With bilious green eyes, wide open mouth and distinctive soundtrack, even waiting is an experience. The impressive chute, infinity jump, various light, water and sound effects as well as interactive elements make the Green Viper a unique adventure slide. Do you dare?


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