Piscine de Monthey, RECENTLY OPENED

New water fun in Switzerland! This week saw the inauguration of two new Klarer attractions at Piscine de Monthey in the Canton of Valais. An exciting water slide duo – consisting of a 82 m long classic water slide as well as a four-lane wide slide with a length of 15.4 meters – will provide refreshment during the summer season!


Since recently, the swimming pool "Plantsch" in Schongau / Germany can call a new attraction from Klarer its own. The fully insulated slide of the "Magic Tube" type can be used with single or double rafts and has 4 fake elements, as well as numerous light effects. Visitors can choose from several programs at the start, which has a correspondingly positive effect on user numbers. The 7 touchpoints, which have to be hit during the ride, also contribute to this. What an adventure!
The newly built "Schwaketenbad" in Constance / Germany houses two Klarer slides at once, adding up to 237 meters of pure fun! While the three-lane "Racer Slide" allows for an exciting competition between the visitors, the "Magic Tube" convinces with our spectacular "Infinity Jump". Here, a false line is simulated for the visitors. The landing pool for a third slide has already been installed, because as a family business we attach great importance to sustainable concepts.
A very special experience awaits the visitors of the adventure pool "Copa Ca Backum" in Herten / Germany since a few weeks. Here, people don't slide with each other, but against each other! The adventure begins with two separate tubes of the type "turbo slide", but the surprise is not long in coming. The two tracks merge in our "Magic Twice", only a middle wall separates the guests now. But who can decide the race in their favor? A look at our modern timing monitors will tell you!

«Space Shuttle» Racer Slide

In the adventure pool "Les Thermes" in Strassen (Luxembourg) we were allowed to deliver a fully themed Racer Slide. "Space Shuttle" fits perfectly into the futuristic design of the pool and provides racing fun from now on. The three-lane racing slide features a themed start area with countdown, innovative light and sound effects and LED video walls during the descent. A timing system rounds off the slide fun.

Double the sliding fun

Zuchwil Roehrenrutsche 2020.png
As from now, Zuchwil sports centre has two water slides in the attraction area. After the open-air pool got a racer slide in summer 2019, the indoor pool has also had a new water slide since this spring. The blue, 48 m long tube slide has two fake slide elements and delights with plenty of power and interesting curve transitions.


In spring 2019, a new racer slide called “Knappen-Rutsche” [Miners’ Slide] was opened at the AQUApark in Oberhausen (DE). This unique slide allows pool guests to carry out sliding duels against one another. In Oberhausen, this 3-lane slide, typically used in outdoor swimming pools, is covered. This means that it can be used both in summer and in winter. With its mining theme, this aquatic attraction fits in well with the style of the rest of the water park and has also been fitted with sound and light effects. A unique sliding experience for people of all ages.

Racing Slide

The new Magic Twice named "Jungle Run" at Alpamare on Lake Zurich is the longest racing slide in Europe. You can race family and friends a total distance of 220 meters on each of its two lanes. Riders will experience a 23m height difference before crossing the finish line where the timing system displays the results for each competitor.

World‘s First

At AquaMagis in Plettenberg, world's first wind driven water slide is now open! An axial fan achieves wind speeds of up to 100 km/h. The slider is propelled by the wind and shot through the slide regardless of the slope. Pure water slide action without the hassle of climbing stairs!

Project 5.0

plettenberg News
One of the most spectacular waterparks in Germany is being expanded! Three new slides will be built in Project 5.0 at the AquaMagis in Plettenberg, including a world first. The first two slides have now been opened. A Black Hole with high-tech effects and a three-lane Racer Slide for a shared sliding experience are waiting for you! But not enough, the AquaMagis will offer world's first Stormchaser from June 23 on! Be curious!


First successful test of the new Stormchaser! Water meets Wind - a new innovative slide concept from Klarer. Stay tuned, there will be more to discover soon.

Unique in Europe!

Klarer News
XStream ™ - the new high-tech slide in the Wasserparadies Hildesheim holds what the name promises. Four different effect programs, four Fake Slide elements, adjustable water levels, Infinity-Jump, switchable fog effects, interactive touchpoints, a waterfall and much more. A unique sliding experience for the whole family, from now on in the Wasserparadies Hildesheim!

Fake Slide – First Installations

Klarer News
Who wants an ordinary water slide? The newest attractions and effects from Klarer can be experienced at the Aqualand in Cologne (GER), at the Allwetterbad in Werl (GER), at the Hotel Lacknerhof in Flachau (AUT) and at the Aquamarin in Chur (SUI).

Racing Slide Magic Twice

Klarer News
Another premiere by Klarer: Europe’s first double slide has been introduced in the Hains leisure centre in Freital. We can’t wait to see some exciting head-to-head racing on the new slide Magic Twice.

Cone Slide with Infinity Jump

Klarer News
One of the longest cone slides in Germany has been opened at 143 metres. With its Infinity Jump and elaborate technological effects, this adventure slide is the new family attraction at Hains in Freital.

Europe’s longest outdoor white water river

Klarer News
The latest attraction at Lalandia in Billund (Denmark) is a spectacular white water river from Klarer. The longest outdoor facility of this kind in Europe was built at a length of 168 metres. The wild ride starts in the Aquadome and then runs outdoors. Half way long, you can relax in an outdoor pool or be carried back into the Aquadome by the rapids.

World’s first in the Sauerland

Klarer News
The time has finally come! A small sensation is on display in AquaMagis in Plettenberg – the world’s first stand-up slide. A whole new sliding experience awaits bathing guests. Learn how to surf on the 30-meter long “SauerlandSURFER”. Pros will be able to prove their talents on the 100-meter “CrazySURFER” starting in mid-July. The evolution of sliding, now on the new „Freestyle“ from Klarer.

Ready for Germany’s most poisonous snake?

Klarer News
The new Green Viper at Europabad in Karlsruhe has been opened. The themed high-tech slide awaits fearless guests with many special effects. With bilious green eyes, wide open mouth and distinctive soundtrack, even waiting is an experience. The impressive chute, infinity jump, various light, water and sound effects as well as interactive elements make the Green Viper a unique adventure slide. Do you dare?


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